Four Important Things to Learn On Preschool

Learning is a lifelong process. It starts from the time we are born and isn’t complete until we die. The most important thing to learn in preschool is to be happy and confident enough to try new things.

The foundation for a good education is laid in the first few years of life. As such it should be about more than just academics. It should include emotional, social, creative, and physical development as well as plenty of opportunities for playtime with friends and siblings.

What to Learn on Preschool

– Basic literacy skills

– Math skills including counting, addition, subtraction, and simple equations/formulas such as “newspaper math” or “ice cream math”

– Graphic and artistic skills including drawing, painting, mixed media art projects, collages such as “magazine art” projects where children can cut out pictures from magazines to make a collage or other arts and crafts projects. Children may also be crafting things using recycled materials for fun.

– Creative writing skills including storytelling through creative writing prompts and other exercises that develop spontaneous reflection.

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